Monday, 6 July 2020

Participate. If you stop doing it, democracy crumbles - Abbie Hoffman

Citizen Free Press

Patriots Rally Canada Day 
2020-07-01 Updated Alberta Legislature Family Canada Day & Rally: About 100 or so Albertans, many calling themselves patriots, took the stage where Black Lives Matter protest took place a couple weeks ago on the south back lawns of the Legislature. No antifa counter protesters were present to disrupt the event or to prevent me from filming and no and corporate news media were present at the time of my arrival to news cover this story, so I published this YouTube to share what I saw... Enjoy your freedoms, thank a veteran  Main gallery

Press Pass Picket 3 Years 220 Days

Alberta Legislature - All Dressed Up and No MLA Invitation
2020-07-07 Watched the Government online this morning, went down to the Federal Building & tried to get into today's committee meeting. As it turns out according to Sgt-At Arms LASS staff, I have to be invited by an MLA... Wow, No #FreePress, No transparency, no public access, all dressed up with no MLA invitation... #Democracy is in serious trouble in Alberta. Pete Guthrie said he will look into what he can do to help me get back inside the public gallery.
2020-07-08 Special thanks to UCP Pete Guthrie, MLA for Airdrie-Cochrane. Pete has invited me to sit in the Alberta Legislature chamber this afternoon. This will be my first time back inside the Legislature since the start of covid-19 pandemic in Alberta. 
2020-07-08: Alberta Legislature public gallery: First, I want to thank the (Hon) Speaker Nathan Cooper, Alberta Sheriffs, Sgt-At-Arms and LASS Staff for accommodating myself and other visitors to the public gallery today. I felt very safe and warmly welcomed back into the house that belongs to all Albertans. Thank you (Hon) Peter Guthrie, what a thrill watching 🇨🇦👍Alberta democracy in action. #UCP & #NDP. Today Nathan Coopered tossed out 4 points of order, reminding house leaders on both sides of the floor not to use the time slot set aside for points of order to carry on earlier debates. Outside MLA Drew Barnes commented on my tenacity with activism, that I've had some practice with 13 years. I said, I'd like to get my grand kids involved in political activism but my kids won't let me do that... yet. Six pages of notes taken during my stay in the public (not empty press) gallery. I'll post some more tomorrow. 

Point of order: MLAs need not use the n-word to make a point NDP

Speakers Corner - Current Survey
Is it right for MLAs to use the N-word in any context?

Alberta Legislature week 2 Survey Says! The majority I polled say 'MLAs should not use the N-word inside the Alberta Legislature chamber in any context" More coming soon...

Alberta Legislature Speakers Corner survey: 'Is it right for MLAs to say the N-word in any context inside Alberta Legislature? Point of order survey continues to address systemic racism after UCP Speaker Nathan Cooper allowed for the N-word to be used inside the Legislature Chamber by NDP David Shepherd.
2020-07-06 I don't think what the MLA said in the clip was inappropriate. Context is important. Actually that is everything. As long as decorum and respect is observed I don't see why this language is wrong in the special context. Also I think that the opinions of black people here matter more than the opinions of white people. So I think we should ask them who are affected by it mostly what they think about it. Aaron Josh Being  of Facebook

2020-06-27 Roger Waters 'The Wall' was banned in South Africa in 1980 after it was adopted by supporters of a nationwide school boycott protesting racial inequities in education under apartheid.

Monday, 22 June 2020

#AbLeg 1913 Red man left for dead - 2020 Red woman in Veterans Park

Solstice Week Painting, 2020
Shame/ridicule pole used for public ridicule are usually called shame poles, and were created to embarrass individuals or groups for their unpaid debts or when they did something wrong. The poles are often placed in prominent locations and removed after the debt is paid or the wrong is corrected. Wikipedia.
Red Woman in Veterans Park 
2020-06-22 This young lady is the inspiration behind my Solstice 2020 week painting '#ShameTheMan with love' Totem. When she asked me to buy her a cell phone, give money but I had no chance, she said give her something so I gave her my poster and a pen to draw on the back with. I shared her story with my (Hon) friend Rick Wilson, Minister of indigenous relations and his chief of staff who is First nations. He said we have to help her... I met Jenna in Veterans park last Friday crawling in the dirt wearing no top. While painting over the weekend I was surrounded each day by young men and women graduates in beautiful dresses and suits for graduation pictures. Quite the contrast to Jenna (Not her real name) Sunday was indigenous Day.

2020-06-20 Summer Solstice '#ShameTheMan with love' totem. 
'#ShameTheMan with love' (Back side) 
'Sunset, getting dark' (Front side)

2020-06-20: Completed backside '#ShameTheMan (with love)' Urban art renewal paint over the original 2015 'River valley trail' (below). I decided to make a title change from 'Shame TheMan with Love (totem)' to 'Sunset, getting dark' during the week, leading up to solstice. 
Alberta Legislature Press Pass Picket day 220. I shared concerns over lack of #FreePress inside the Alberta Legislature and hand sanitizer while social distancing. Photo by Henry's Dad.

Title changed from 'Red man left for dead' to 'Four indian heads'

#ArtIsFreedom Last week, on the elevator while taking my trash down to the garbage room behind our building, I chatted with my neighbour. He inquired about my t-shirt I was wearing and I told him it was Alberta Legislature inspired from a collection I call 'The Speakers Banned Free Speech & Wear' designer t-shirts, after being banned 4 times by Legislature Government officials. The shirt I was wearing titled "Red Man Left for Dead" depicts the four indian heads found inside the Alberta Legislature rotunda, above the fountain. This offended my friend, who himself is a first nations man, from treaty 8, a member of the LGBTQ community and supporter of the  Greta Turberg, climate strike movement. (He showed me a photo of him with Greta) My neighbour requested that I stop using the term 'indian heads' to describe my t-shirt because Indian  is a word used to describe people from India, not the original people in Canada. Caught off guard and awed by his first reaction I decided to retitle my t-shirt 'Red man left for dead' to 'Four indian heads' because historically when the 4 heads were installed inside the Alberta Legislature in 1913, Indian was used to describe just about everything related to first nations during that period of time. Back in the garbage room I showed my flustered friend the label on the back of my t-shirt. He looked at it but did not say a word, walked away with his eyes filled with tears.

Since I created this Alberta Legislature "Four Indian Heads" 1913, I've given away 2 shirts, one to a young Wet'suwet'en anti-pipeline female protester and the other to my friend, Alberta's Minister of Indigenous Relations (Hon) Rick Wilson...
Photo taken by the daughter of this man, to whom I earlier gave her a personal guided tour inside the Legislature rotunda area under the watchful eyes of several LASS employees. I pointed up inside the rotunda and showed her the four indian heads above fountain that was installed in around 1913. These gaunt looking creatures the artist created were not placed there to welcome First Nations, but to commemorate thier eventual extinction through poverty, hunger, disease and harsh elements of Alberta. After my tour I gave her the gift of art "Four Indian Heads" t-shirt and said listen and learn from your father because it's your generation and my grandkids to whom must continue to fight to protect the land, water and air for future generations. 24 hours later I gave the same gift of art t-shirt to my friend (Hon) Rick Wilson.  

Thursday, 18 June 2020

'The roses they will grow and our days will come to past' Doug Brinkman

on location Alberta Legislature grounds, flowering shrub, second painting in 3 years, I would do more like this except this bush only bears flowers for a week every 3 years. Titled 'STOP!' Take in the moment. 2020 Freedom to Express and Listen art project. 2020-06-02 Update. The painting has found a new home with the Honourable Leader of Her Majesty's Official Opposition Rachel Notley. A token of my appreciation, her pubic service to Alberta.  

To Doug Brinkman May 20, 2015  
Re-Coffee with MP Linda Duncan  
Rossdale Community Hall meeting.
I too was at the meeting tonight and as a Muslim woman was appalled that you were asked to leave. This was obviously not a women’s only event and no woman there (Muslim or not) should have felt threatened by your (or any male) presence. Those of us who choose to cover in front of men were covered and those who choose not to sit by or speak to men had plenty of opportunity to exercise their right by sitting elsewhere. As a mother of three sons I teach my boys to stand up for all woman and their rights, how would they do this if we alienated them from the issues that affect woman? I do not know the reasons the one person had asked you to be removed and I cannot judge, but I am very sorry you had to go through this! I hope this event does not stop you from attending future events or impression you to think Muslim woman are closed minded or unapproachable to discuss important matters such as our freedoms. 

Monday, 15 June 2020

Porta potty picket results in quick action by Alberta Government

No pee
No Dignity
No Freedom
No Democracy

ALBERTA LEGISLATURE 2020-06-16 During my porta potty picket yesterday, I thanked Premier Jason Kenney, his Government's response to our Calgary friends and neighbours after the storm. Jason responded "What's next, locusts?" My picket against the Alberta Government was in response to two portable toilets been removed off the Alberta Legislature grounds over the weekend leaving Albertans with absolutely no toilet facilities. All locked down due to covid19. The (Hon) Prasad Panda responded quickly to my picket with 2 new portable toilets by the afternoon. In the meantime the Minister of Infrastructure offered me the use of his office washroom during my picket if I needed it. Thanks to groundskeepers and the facilities manager.
 2019 More Circles than Squares art project '#Climate Strikers' by Doug Brinkman 
June 9, 2020 Alberta Legislature grounds. While painting I heard a voice behind me say "nice colours Doug" Premier Jason Kenney. "Thank you Premier" I responded! I've been painting on the backside of canvases since I ran out 2 months ago. Front: #ClimateStrikers

Sunday, 7 June 2020

'We have much further to go, but we have to get there together' Madu

Vanessa brings her peaceful BLM picket to the Alberta Legislature.
I've been watching clips of the protests with my children. What we’re seeing is the culmination of decades of legitimate pain and frustration. From youth to adulthood, Black people continue to be subject to terrible abuses, including from bad actors in police forces. The death of George Floyd was a dehumanizing act of racism, one that should and must be denounced by all of us. Sadly, this is not an isolated event as we recall other Black lives that have been lost recently, including Ahmaud Arbery and Breonna Taylor. Racism against Black people exists, in Canada and elsewhere. Violence cannot be the answer, however, and that is why I want to echo the sentiments of civil rights hero Congressman John Lewis who recently said, “rioting, looting, and burning is not the way.” We have much further to go, but we have to get there together. This means recommitting ourselves to ending racism against Black people once and for all. As Martin Luther King said, “we may have all come on different ships, but we’re in the same boat now.” (Hon) Kaycee Madu

Last night's Alberta Legislature BLM protest was not about ending racism in Alberta, it was about ramping up division by the political left. As soon as I saw the amps, PA system and recognized the guy operating it, I knew immediately this protest was facilitated by Alberta Communists and Marxists Leninists, friends of NDP. The first African in the Alberta Legislature to be Minister, Kaycee Madu was snubbed by the organizers when he offered to speak at last night's BLM rally. When it comes to addressing racism in Alberta everyone must be invited to the table so that no one is left behind. 

 Duty, Democracy
Duty Democracy - I want to add my name to social media Facebook, Twitter thanking Alberta Sheriffs and Edmonton Police Service keeping our Alberta Legislature & downtown neighbourhood safe after last night BLM peaceful protest. #Nonviolence It was certainly a test of humility and you all passed, Thank you! Peace!

Sideways, was inspired  Saturday morning July, 27 2019 while walking to the Alberta Legislature for a day of painting. Along the way I saw a red man (panhandler) yelling at almost everyone it seemed walking by in front of the 7-11 on Jasper avenue and 104th street. A black man toting a luggage bag came out of the 7-11 and the red man asked him for money. The black man declined so the red man began to yell at him too. The black man responded by gesturing to the red man with his middle finger and this agitated the red man to jump up and yell at the black man "GO BACK FROM WHERE YOU CAME FROM!" challenging the black man to fight. The black man fled having no interest in fighting while the red man kept yelling...

 I decided not to attend the BLM rally after I was doxxed earlier in the week by antifa.
This turned out to be a wise decision since learning the protest was highly politicalized.