Monday, 20 January 2020

January 2020 Status versus Motion art project, News and Views

2020-01-22 Tweet 'More and more data confirms that the NDP drug sites have hit local communities with an increase in crime and anti-social behaviour.' - Alberta Premier Jason Kenney. 
Citizen free News Spring Assignment: Jason Kenney might be on to something. I plan to follow up this story inside Alberta Legislature assembly during sessions that will begin February 25 after the throne speech. I live downtown Edmonton close to several of these NDP consumption drug sites Kenney refers to. I often find needles like I did here last summer next to our only downtown playground. I'm not planning on taking my grandkids there anytime soon. The crimes & anti social behaviour downtown Edmonton is up and city police and peace officers have very little control...
How I Learned to Stop Worrying 
 and Love❤️Alberta Oil & Gas
The Speakers Banned Free Speech and Wear T-shirt Label

2020-01-20: I attended morning and afternoon committee meetings inside the Alberta Legislature Federal Building, Rocky Mountain room to follow up on Speaker Nathan Cooper's Nov. 2019 decision to close the money losing Alberta Branded art shop. NDP MLA Nicole Goehring Edmonton-Castle Downs failed to delay the closing of Alberta Brand store she described as 'blind faith' on the part of UCP Speaker Nathan Cooper in front of a packed public gallery of artists. MLA Goehring missed last week's deadline to submit her amendment to delay the closure to create a new business plan. Nathan Cooper did allow for a vote by the committee to see if they would allow Goehring to submit her amendment today but it was voted down. Nathan Cooper said Alberta Brand gallery had failed to reach the expectations of yearly north of $400,000 having reached $240,000. in 2017, $303,000 in 2018, 302,000 in 2019 and currently sitting at $142,000 so far in 2020. 

2020-01-20: It was announced today during the afternoon committee meeting in the Rocky Mountain Room, Federal Building by the (Hon) Speaker Nathan Cooper that Chris Caughell will be the new Sergeant-at-Arms left vacant by his predecessor now retired Brian Hodgson. #CIA13 File Graphic
2020-01-18:  Ode to the Last of the Alberta Caribou. Met with shoppers Saturday outside the Old Strathcona farmers market. Talked politics, played drum, and gave away art posters. Earned my first loonie busking from a lady who tossed it towards my backpack, gave me a nod to her approval. "Promise made and kept toward our govt’s goals of long-term protection for the species and creating certainty for AB job creators." is what House Leader and Environment Minister (Hon) Jason Nixon tweeted 2019-11-04. For two years now both the NDP and UCP Governments have been working hard to do an economic assessment in the Province of Alberta while putting on hold funding from Ottawa to protect and rebuild Alberta's caribou declining herds. Former NDP Agriculture and Forestry Minister Oneil Carlier has said the process behind the assessment is slow and complicated. 
Announcement: January 1, 2020: Denied a press pass into the Alberta Legislature for over 2 years by the Alberta Legislature press gallery president Dean Bennett, I'll continue my quest into 2020 as a citizen news activist seeking out Alberta political news & information for the  benefit of my community I've served freely since 2007.
Press Pass Picket Day 211
I staged my last 2019 press pass picket of 2 years. I'll be back 2020... Thanks to the Alberta Sheriffs, MLAs and Alberta Legislature management and staff for thier patience. Unable to get a press pass into the Alberta Legislature, I'm focusing my attention on fewer news stories in 2020 and more on social art projects. My Citizen Free News Alberta Legislature Press Pass Picket  of 211 days picketing was invaluable for me from the people I met and the lessons I learned. Although I have the right to report the news as guaranteed by Canada's Bill of Rights, I failed to obtain press access into the Legislature because I'm not a paid employee of a news media corporation. I spoiled my ballot this 2019 spring Provincial election in protest because I no longer believe we live in a free and open democracy in Canada. 
2017 Alberta Legislature 
Public Gallery becomes my press gallery

2018: Honoured to be recognized by the (Hon) Jason Kenney United Conservative party leader. for my work as a citizen news activist inside the Alberta Legislature during my question on the corporate news media.  

2018: Introduced as Citizen Free News activist to the assembly of the Alberta Legislature by the (Hon) Greg Clark of the Alberta Party in the public gallery wearing an Oilers jersey that said "Non-Violence #1".
2019: Honoured to have the (Hon) House Leader, Minister of Transportation Brian Mason join me for a photo opt on my press pass picket line. Brian Mason was on the other side of my news camera 2007 when he called for Omar Khadr to be brought back to Canada from Guantanamo Bay. 

Saturday, 18 January 2020

Current News Picket Last of the Alberta Caribou, Leg & Farmers Market

Social Art "Last of the Alberta Caribou" by Doug Brinkman
Caribou images inspired by Eddy Cobiness, member of the Indian Group of Seven

 Alberta art gallery sketch study of Eddy Cobiness, Caribou 

2019-11-04 Twitter Post "Promise made and kept toward our govt’s goals of long-term protection for the species and creating certainty for AB job creators." UCP Hon. Jason Nixon Rimbey-Rocky Mountain House-Sundre Minister of Environment and Parks, Government House Leader. 
2019 Last of the Alberta Caribou poster

Jobs Jobs Jobs 

Jobs Jobs Jobs 


January 2020 Civil Information News Picket
Drum and Circle Last of the Alberta Caribou

2020-01-18 Ode to the Last of the #Alberta #Caribou. Met with shoppers Saturday outside the Old Strathcona farmers market. Talked politics, played drum, and gave away art posters. Earned my first loonie busking from a lady who tossed it towards my backpack, gave me a nod to her approval....
2019 More Circles that Squares art project artist bLog

Focuses on Alberta's Environment, Social and Political Climate Extremes.

Friday, 17 January 2020

The 2018 Status Versus Motion art project - Up to snow good 2020

2020-01-17 Drumming next to (Hon) Speakers Nathan Cooper's office window.
Practising 🥁drumming, preparing to launch my 2020 picket in defence of my personal right to Free Speech, Freedom Of Expression and Free Press. Press Pass Alberta Legislature (Denied) Picket 211 Days. Commencing February 25 outside the Legislature during the Throne Speech & throughout spring sitting.

My tribute to the 63 Canadians lost in Iran. Seen clearly 
from the HIGH LEVEL bridge, Snow Angel❤️HeART
First Angel heART February 2002
High Level Snow Angel❤️HeART "Sometimes angels are just ordinary people that help us believe in miracles again" ANONYMOUS

Wednesday, 15 January 2020

Global News Unifor Employees Promote #HateNews while covering strike

Over the past week I've been openly critical on twitter of my union Unifor & Global News Regina Unifor reporters their use of the derogatory word "Scabs" when reporting on workers who cross the picket lines. Unifor began doxing replacement workers on social media "Meet The Scabs", revealing names and photos of faces but has since removed the video from twitter after a they mistakenly featured a Regina business owner as one of the Co-op scabs.

If people who use the derogatory N word to describe dark skin folks are considered #racists in society, F word is used to describe homosexual men are homophobes, what do you call Global news employees, members of Unifor union who describe temporary workers with a derogatory term #SCABS on public airwaves? My name is Doug Brinkman and I'm an honourary Unifor retiree who knows what it's like being labeled a scab by union members and treated as such when I worked for the Edmonton Journal 27 years in a unionized pressroom. Bullied and harrassed by my union peers not because I crossed a picket line, but because the Edmonton Journal hired me a "non union worker" who had worked for the Edmonton Sun when the union GCIU 255C (Now Unifor) could not fill its contract obligations providing a unionized journeymen pressmen to fill a position. The contract allowed for the Edmonton Journal to find a journeyman pressman of thier choice and that's how I got hired. The Supervisor warned me my first day that I should be careful because I was not well liked by my union. What followed for me the next 27 years was sexual, physical and verbal abuse including death threats and an attempt on my life when screws were placed into my tires several times during my final year inside the Edmonton Journal parking lot. Regardless that I had paid union dues 27 years, organized shops, and sat on the union executive board I was still regarded a scab and treated as such by some (not all) of my union peers. So again I ask why are my UNIFOR brothers and sisters at Global News calling hard working men and women trying to earn a living and providing for thier families 'scabs?' Scabs is a derogatory word that could inspire some union members to resort to violence, racism, anger, hate and death threats towards these workers and thier families?

Your treatment at the hands of the union at the Journal was a disgrace. Some guys had your back, but not many.
Unifor Union (Retired) Co-Worker. 

Bernard Hancock 'The Roughneck" Responds to my question 
 Global/Unifor Employees participate in protest against UCP cuts.

"The media is hostile to the government"
Cheryl Oates, communications director to former Premier Notley

Alberta Legislature Citizen Free News Press Pass (Denied)
2 years 211 days Picket Continues into 2020 

Tweet: 2019-01-15 unemployed Bernard Hancock responds to my #Ableg press pass (DENIED) picket. My first meeting & interview with Bernard Hancock during an anti #NDP rally 2015 YouTube reached thousands/ Back up again Feb 2019 FULL YOUTUBE He's work'n again on the rigs in GP

No Free Press inside the Alberta Legislature
Corporate news, some unionized employees block my access. 
Only corporate paid employees get passes.

Albertans Have A Voice, They Will Be Heard! 

2007 Civil Information Activism 2013
Active Citizenship - Free News Sharing

Sunday, 12 January 2020

I just want peace on these streets, y’all! First we mourn the loss

January 8, 2020: Wednesday night about 50 people gathered at the Alberta Legislature for a candlelight vigil mourning the victims of Ukraine Flight PS752. Words were shared by UCP the (Hon) David Hanson (Hon) Ministers Adriana LaGrange, Kaycee Madu and NDP (Hon) David Shepherd. Earlier in the day after a dump of snow, the first good dump in weeks with the sun shining brightly I knew it was time for another Snow Angel❤️HeART 'Up to snow good' in the river valley. A tribute was in order I thought to myself on the Kinsmen football field for all the crash victims of Flight PS752 including 63 Canadians, many of whom lived, went to school and taught here at our University in Edmonton.

Citizen free News Archive Photo of me with Edmonton Iranian peace activist Sogand Zakerhaghighi, taken by Sogand's father next to the Alberta Legislature: 2017 Not a Bystander art project, Non - Violence Oilers Jersey, 2017 focused on anger, violence and Oiler fan bullying. This week she responded on the Iran/US conflict "With a heavy heart, as an Iranian-Canadian who spent some of my youth in America, here is my position in the Iran-USA situation... I just want peace on these streets, y’all."

Tuesday, 7 January 2020

Dr. Strangelove "How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Alberta Oil & Gas" Pipelines Alberta United, A Nation Divided.

Eyes on situation developing in Wet’suwet’en continues...

Tweet: Starbucks raises the price of a grande coffee to $3.10, but even worse they kiboshed the free refills with the registered Starbucks gold card. No more carrying a used cup in my backpack... ☕️ Bernard Hancock The Roughneck.

"Roughneck Protector Of Oil" Starbucks Coffee Cup art project.

Tweet: This belly aching coming from a work'n #oil patch worker. Drink up son, don't be so cheap! Alberta's economy is depending on you ordering GRANDE @Starbucks coffee with or without that old dirty cup in your pack. Bernard, I need to repaint those weird looking stubs you have for fingers. 

 "Water, we have a responsibility to our children" 
Starbucks Coffee Cup art project.

"On Guard For Thee" 2016 Fire and Rain art project

The War Room 
January 2020 Poster
How I Learned to Stop Worrying 
 and Love Alberta Oil & Gas