Wednesday, 18 September 2019

850 Stuffed Animals - Serenity's Law, Protecting Alberta's Children

UCP Commits to Serenity's Law, Fall Session
MLA Mike Ellis Invites public to attend and watch from the public gallery
YouTube: UCP MLA Mike Ellis - 2019 Serenity's Law

Tribute graphic image to Serenity's law
Public Kiosks: Active Civil Information Poster and T Shirts 

No Sale, Social Art for Show and Tell - Freedom to Express, Listen

Water and Oil is Life - Non Violence painted during an anti pipeline protest, Sir Winston Churchill square

Social art displayed in the streets and public squares of Edmonton reflective to the news stories I've published as a citizen news activist since 2007. They are Not For Sale but are given away or painted over for future social art projects. Doug Brinkman 

Omar Khadr: Sam Morison & Dr. Stephen Nicholas Xenakis

Citizen free News - More to the story 

U.S. Defence Lawyer Sam Morison speaking at Kings University 
Omar Khadr, Dr. Stephen Nicholas Xenakis University of Alberta2019-07-25: Omar Khadr was 15 y/o when wounded & captured. There is absolutely no evidence that he had thrown that grenade that killed SFC Christopher Speer. He was living at a compound at his father's insistence. The US Army attacked the compound as a military target. The Canadian government compensated Khadr for violations of international agreements. Democracies thrive on the rule of law. Dr. Stephen Nicholas Xenakis, Retired U.S. Brigadier General  

The Honourable NDP House Leader, Minister of Transportation Brian Mason was the first Alberta politician to publicly call for Omar Khadr's release from Guantanamo Bay. 
2019 Efforts were made outside the Edmonton courthouse to encourage local Edmonton news media to look further into Omar Khadr's story from the YouTubes I published...

Citizen free News Omar Khadr - More to the story YouTube Playlist

2019: Kings University President Melanie J. Humphreys joined me outside the Alberta Legislature during my civil information news picket "Omar Khadr-More to the story."  

Painting about the news stories that matter to Albertans

2019-08-23, Alberta Legislature: 3 Years ago today Albertans went $10.9 Billion into debt over the Fort McMurray #wildfires. 2016 BANNED 3 TIMES by the #NDP Gov. My 'Fire and Rain art project' produced 24 paintings, all painted on the #Ableg grounds and shown 160 times #Yeg #art show and tell 

Blog focuses on Alberta's Environment, Social and Political climate extremes. 

Sunday, 28 July 2019

Chicago Exploring July 5-8, 2019 Freedom of Expression, Studies

The white T-shirt is like a blank canvas - eternally versatile. 
I take random inspiration from everywhere. 
I can tell you, without diversity, 
creativity remains stagnant. 

Chicago Exploring July 5-8, 2019 Continued
The function of sculpture is not to decorate but to integrate, not to entertain but to orient man within the context of his universe. Sketch study of "Chicago Rising From The Lake" Milton Horn, 1954. Chicago exploring sketch study by Doug Brinkman, 2019-07-05. 

Friday, 13 September 2013

Newspaper Pressman Made Good Impressions for 42 Years

I was head pressman running the first copies to come off the Edmonton Sun's newly installed Metro Press. See Photo of me surrounded by my co-workers and sunshine girl the Sun photographer referred to as the bimbo... not cool👎

Republished Labour Day 2019-09-02 6 years after laid off from my job after 42 years as a newspaper printer or for a better description I prefer 'Graphic Arts Craftsman': First published January 10, 2014 "It's Official Today" I'm now Semi Retired after 42 years of working full time in the newspaper business. POST MEDIA / The Edmonton Journal finally released my pension today just short of 5 months waiting. At the age of 17, I took on my first full time job working for Web Offset Publications of Toronto, as a fly boy, jogging newspapers and stacking skids. I soon started a "Graphic Arts Craftsman Certificate Apprenticeship program and  became a web offset pressman at age 19 earning $5.00 an hour. The first printing press I worked on was called a GOSS Suburban and was touted by my employer Bob Chitic as Canada's 1st ever high speed web offset newspaper press. The rest of the country was still printing on letter presses at the time. I later worked on 2 Urbanite printing presses at Web Offset, printing the early edition newspapers of "the Toronto Sun". I was a pressman when we printed the first "Sunday Sun" for Metro Toronto readers. I was there when the first edition of the Financial Post (at the Edmonton Sun) rolled off the presses. I worked the night we printed the first edition of the National Post (Toronto Sun). I worked the night we printed the headlines John Lennon is Dead, Princess Diana is Dead - and the night when POST MEDIA'S President Paul Godfrey announced newspapers were dying, and he was going to take the company into digital...

This was my first ever print job that I printed as a graphics arts craftsman apprentice at age 18. I am very thankful to my first employer Web Offset Publications (Non-Union) of Pickering, Ontario who paid a generous wage, gave good benefits, treated all their employees with dignity and respect. 

2019-08-31 Labour Day Weekend: I was laid off 6 years ago after working 42 years in the newspaper industry. Some of my union peers decided to leave me a parting gift - $400 damage to my car's tires from screws during the final year. Violence, hatred, bullying, racism, sexism and instilling fear into others is what unions are all about today. I was labeled a scab by my union peers and was warned on my first day by my supervisor to be careful because I'm not well liked.  My sin being a scab was I worked 7 years in a non union shop, The Edmonton Sun where I trained a half a dozen apprentices who were Vietnamese migrant boat people who came to Canada to start a new life.  They could not speak english and I taught them how to run a newspaper printing press so they could eventually become Journeymen, earn a good living, care and raise their families. Looking back I give no thanks and have no regrets to either my employers or union after being bullied and abused over my 27 years working at the Journal. I paid my taxes and financially provided for my family. My status was being a scab and I moved forward and survived. For 27 years they bullied me and said I was good for nothing but I knew that I was one of the best newspaper pressman in Canada. PRESSES: GOSS Suburban, Urbanite, Community, Solna Heatset, Distributor, Harris, Metro and Metroliner. EMPLOYER Toronto Sun, Edmonton Sun, Edmonton Journal, Web Offset Publications. PUBLICATIONS First Edition of the Financial Post and The National Post, Jewish News, Northern Miner, Catholic Register, Shoppers Drug Mart, Auto Trader, The National Dream by Pierre Burton, First Edition of the Toronto Sunday Sun UNIONS GCIU, CEP 255C and now retired as a UNIFOR (MEDIA) HONORARY RETIREE ,- What a load of horse pucky!