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Banned T-Shirt from Alberta Legislature 
"Pipelines Alberta United, A Nation Divided"
2019-10-05: I will not be occupying a seat in the Alberta Legislature public gallery during fall session ending 2 years of citizen free news coverage from the public gallery. I no longer feel welcome or safe around the Alberta Legislature Srg-At-Arms and his security staff for fear of more reprisal, intimidation and risk of entrapment for lack of security cameras outside the assembly.

It seems the Honourable Speaker Nathan Cooper and his Srg-At-Arms and security staff have no problems allowing for Ministerial offices to be used to counter protest climate striker protesters... all 4000 citizens in attendance to see Greta Thurberg, one of the most influential  environmentalist women on the planet today. Since Greta's visit to the Legislature the Alberta Government are now welcoming guests inside the Alberta Legislature to wear "Canada Loves Oil and Gas T-Shirts". My wearing a T-Shirt that I created that says "Pipelines, Alberta United, A Nation Divided" is still not allowed inside the Alberta Legislature. My picket protest defending my personal right to Freedom of Expression, Free Speech and Freedom of the Press outside the Alberta Legislature having reached 200 days in two years continues. My first protest in defence of my personal right to freely express myself with art began January 2016 when I was first banned from painting and showing my art on the Alberta Legislature grounds by the Ministry of Infrastructure because of liability concerns. 

2019-10-31 : Confronting my abusers, defending my right to free speech, freedom to express and freedom of the press inside the Alberta Legislature. I asked 3 of my 4 abusers LASS staff "Is this an honourable place (Alberta Legislature) or am I in the wrong place?  

I'm standing by the back of fountain next to the yellow arrow Photo by Spencer Bennett Tweet 

2019-11-07 12:30 PM First Nations Remembrance day memorial open to the public. I covered up my T-shirt with a jacket to avoid harassment from Legislature security. Before going through security I checked in my staple gun that I use for hanging posters on city kiosks to a member of the Legislative Assembly Security service (LASS). After the memorial was complete, LASS  gave me back my staple gun and allowed me to walk through the rotunda filled with guests, dignitaries, MLAs and the (Hon) Speaker Nathan Cooper in attendance. I thought this was strange considering I was scolded by another LASS employee for bringing a staple gun to the Alberta Legislature on the day when the rotunda was filled with angry protesting union members...    

My Personal Freedom of Expression Challenged
How wearing a T-Shirt got me banned from sitting inside the Alberta Legislature assembly's public gallery ending 2 years of news reporting from the public gallery. 

2018: Introduced as Citizen Free News activist to the assembly of the Alberta Legislature by the (Hon) Greg Clark of the Alberta Party while sitting in the public gallery wearing an Oilers jersey.  

The Alberta Legislature rotunda was filled with union members protesting the Government. 

2019-08-01 Codie's photo shows AUPE Union President Guy Smith next to Canadian Press gallery president (UNIFOR) Dean Bennett. Out of the sight range of the Codie's photo I'll share my observations as a tax paying Albertan.  I saw Speaker #UCP Nathan Cooper's Sergeant-at arms Brian Hodgson and his Legislature Assembly Staff stand by and do nothing but watch approximately 50 angry union members, Alberta Federation of Labour President Gil McGowan break Legislature rules by staging a rambunctious protest so loud that it could be heard inside the the Legislature chamber disrupting MLAs in session. Earlier from in the public (not empty press) gallery I witnessed the front row of UCP Ministers visibly upset and showing concern with Speaker Cooper by noise coming outside the closed doors of the assembly  while the NDP MLAs were visibly amused by the union's rallying in the rotunda while they filibustered the evening's sitting.  Because this happened early evening fewer Shirriffs (AUPE Members) were on duty evening shift compared to day shift  were not in the rotunda to assist L.A.S.S. with crowd control. Early this evening I was almost sent home after being scolded by one of the Sergeant-at arms staff after going through security saying that I had picked the wrong night bringing a staple gun into the Legislature filled with angry public union members. I put up my citizen free news posters regularly along route to the Legislature so I  often bring my staple gun, leaving it with Sheriffs or LASS staff. Clearly the Sergeant-at-arms and his staff had lost control inside the Alberta Legislature this evening risking the health and safety of MLAs, staff and guests... 
During another evening of NDP filibustering, a visibly angry Sergeant-at arms pulled me out of Speaker Nathan Cooper's public gallery and surrounded me with 3 members of his LASS staff taking photos of me. He asked me right up close into my face in very intimidating way " Do you believe this (Alberta Legislature) is an honourable place?" He scolded me this evening for wearing a t-shirt in the public gallery that read "Pipelines, Alberta United, A Nation Divided" after receiving a complaint from the press core and for using American sign language inside the public gallery.  They think it's okay to bully be at any given chance for 3 years now over minor infractions but these cowards stand back and do nothing but watch when 50 or more angry public workers decide to take over the Alberta Legislature rotunda to protest... LASS are cowards and bullies.  

The next day I watched from the Alberta Legislature public (not empty press) gallery members of the Somali community join Government and official Opposition in applause and raise up a Somalian flag over the Alberta Legislature assembly in front of the watchful eyes of the Honourable Speaker Nathan Cooper, Legislature Assembly Security Services (LASS) Employees and  the Sergeant-at-arms Brian Hodgson...

NO LONGER WELCOMED: "If you don't like our rules then don't come here anymore" - Retired Police Officer, LASS Employee to the Sergeant-at-arms office after banning me for wearing a T-Shirt that says "Pipelines- Alberta United, A Nation Divided" and my use of the silent ASL in the Alberta Legislature public gallery... 
Virgil Abloh "Figures of Speech" MCA Chicago 

July 5-8, 2019 Chicago Exploring Chicago inspired me to challenge the Alberta Government defending Freedom of Expression back home in Alberta with a new art project for 2020 Freedom to Express and Listen art project, featuring posters and T-Shirt line of The Speakers Banned Speech and Wear.

2016 Art is Freedom Picket Against the Alberta Government

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