Tuesday, 3 December 2019

Police respond to death on steps of Alberta Legislature - CBC

"Somebody stepped inside your soul
Little by little they robbed and stole
Till someone else was in control"
U2 The Troubles Lyrics

2019-12-02 Updated Alberta Legislature: I spoke to Mr Chan earlier before he shot himself. Ken Chan asked me why I was drumming (protesting) and I told him that I was there today defending my right to free speech, freedom of expression and freedom of the press. He calmly asked "Don't you think there are more important issues in the world than that?" I offered him a poster, and later my card but he refused them both. So I offered him my full attention and listened. He shared how it was a struggle for him financially and said there was a time when his first 3 weeks of pay in a month went towards bills, rent and utilities. The last week of the month was all he had left for himself. Nowadays it's even harder. 

The Sheriff and I heard the shot from the guard house and I looked around the corner and saw a man lying on the Legislature steps. I said to the Sheriff "a man shot himself." 

2019-12-02 Suicide victim outside legislature was 
military veteran with depression, family says - CBC

2019-12-07 'Circles and Squares' (left) "God knows it's not easy, taking on the shape of someone else's pain" - U2, December 2019. Alberta Legislature grounds

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