Saturday, 15 February 2020

Ashamed Of My Unifor Union's Behavior, Bullies Don't Deserve Respect

2020-05-16 UPDATE My complaint to Twitter over my union UNIFOR, Global News Saskatchewan use of the derogatory word 'scab' in thier news story to describe replacement workers at co-op refinery was deemed a violation of twitter rules.
Edmonton's 1986 Gainers strike got ugly & violent on the picket lines over wages & pensions. My 40- minute sketch study of Mary Joyce's "Thou shall not", currently on display inside the Art Gallery of Alberta.
I've been openly critical on Twitter of my union, Unifor, and Global News Regina Unifor reporters using the derogatory word "Scabs" when reporting on workers who cross the picket lines. Unifor began doxing replacement workers on social media in a video titled "Meet The Scabs", revealing names and photos of faces. Unifor removed the video from Twitter after they mistakenly featured a Regina business owner as one of the Co-op scabs. The best things in life are negotiable, or at least I thought that was the case with modern day unions. The Unifor Co-Op strike has been nothing but thuggish behavior by a bunch of bullies. Whatever happened to the love, respect and civility we are taught to show towards our neighbours? Today I'm truly ashamed of my Unifor Union's bad behavior...

If people who use the derogatory N word to describe dark-skinned folks are considered #racists in society, and people who use the F to describe homosexuals are homophobes, what do you call Global News employees, members of the Unifor union, who describe temporary workers with the derogatory term #SCABS on public airwaves? My name is Doug Brinkman and I'm an honourary Unifor retiree who knows what it's like being labeled a scab by union members and treated as such when I worked for the Edmonton Journal for 27 years in a unionized pressroom. I was bullied and harrassed by my union peers not because I crossed a picket line, but because the Edmonton Journal hired me as a "non-union worker" who had worked for the Edmonton Sun when the union GCIU 255C (now Unifor) could not fill its contract obligation to provide a unionized journeyman pressman to fill an open position. The contract allowed for the Edmonton Journal to find a journeyman pressman of their choice, and that's how I got hired. The supervisor warned me on my first day that I should be careful because I was not well liked by my union. What followed for the next 27 years was sexual, physical and verbal abuse including death threats and an attempt on my life when screws were placed into my tires several times in the Edmonton Journal parking lot during my final year of employment. Regardless, I paid union dues for 27 years, organized shops, and sat on the union executive board. I was still regarded as a scab and treated as such by some (not all) of my union peers. So again I ask, why are my UNIFOR brothers and sisters at Global News calling hardworking men and women trying to earn a living and providing for thier families 'scabs?' Scabs is a derogatory word that could inspire some union members to resort to violence, racism, anger, hate and death threats towards these workers and their families.
Your treatment at the hands of the union at the Journal was a disgrace. Some guys had your back, but not many.
Unifor Union (Retired) Co-Worker. 
Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada


 Edmonton UNIFOR members stage protest against the Government of Alberta and unifor unionized reporters  and camera people report on it. Bernard Hancock 'the Roughneck' responds.

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