Tuesday, 26 May 2020

May Lady Luck, City Urban Art Renewal Paintings, Posters & Pickets

May, Lady Luck "Cover your mouth".

U R B A N  ART  R E N E W A L 
May Painting, Posters and Pickets. Be positive. The role of art is to inspire hope and help find solutions to problems. It should be used for healing. Public survey. Main Gallery

2020-05-21 May, Urban Art Renewal: A very productive painting, hanging posters week, picketing my thanks and appreciation to Edmonton City staff, bus drivers, EPS, Firefighters, Alberta Government and staff. Today I picked up my newest Speakers Banned Free Speech and Wear t-shirt from Print Machine titled "Buffalo Eye" adding to my art project collection Freedom to Express and Listen. Sadly, on the way home, after my final picket outside Premier office balcony, a gust of wind split in half my "thank you placard sign" ending 2 months of pickets. Today the Premier was pitching the NHL completing its seaso here in Edmonton. According to CBC Edmonton news, the first Covid19 case in Alberta was reported 11 weeks ago today. "Stay Healthy" Enjoy your freedoms, thank a veteran. 
2020-05-22 New picket sign replaces old for June...

'Buffalo Eye' 20-20 Vision 
2020-05-15 ART SHOW AND TELL DAY 1033, Alberta Legislature. "Buffalo Eye"- 20-20 Vision found a new home today in the office of (Hon) Jason Nixon, Deputy House Leaders and Alberta's Environment Minister. Jason told me he knows Kerra, Special K, from the work he did as executive director with the Mustard Seed, a Christian not-for-profit organization. I met Kerra, a carpenter currently unemployed late April while set up painting over two my Walterdale bridges. She said she saw buffalo when she looked closely into circular colours I had just added to my painting. This inspired me to later add the eye of a buffalo in the center of the two paintings, joined together by 3 staples. #BeLikeTheBuffalo - Premier Jason Kenney during hard times. 2020 freedom to Express and Listen blog
#BridgingTheGap Paintover 2014 Walterdale art project, now the Buffalo Eye

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