Saturday, 6 June 2020

Active Citizenship, Free Press from the Public, not Empty Press Gallery

Two years ago today 2018-06-06: ALBERTA LEGISLATURE The Deputy House Leader (NDP) Brian Mason retracted a statement today on behalf of another minister who accused the UCP of "scamming." The Speaker (NDP) Robert Wanner ruled in favour of Jason Nixon's point of order... The decour has definitely changed and improved in our Alberta Legislature since Jason Kenney became leader of Her Majesty's Official Opposition. Last weeks egg in the face of Minister Joe Ceci after Nathan Cooper put him and the entire NDP caucus in an uncomfortable position for his lack of tact during question period "Drunken Salesmen" followed with his question regarding Joe misinforming the corporate media during a scrum. Today Jason Kenney questioned the NDP Government on the rise of crime including family violence in Calgary, calling on tougher sentences for sex offenders and he also raised how Albertans are complaining of being forced into joining unions against thier will while facing intimidation by the unions. Jason Kenney and UCP caucus has championed Alberta's child Serenity who died from injuries while in kinship care under the Government's watch. Serenity has been brought up several times this week by the UCP... 


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