Sunday, 7 June 2020

'Don't worry about me, worry about yourself, worry about the planet' Joe

2020-06-07  Seven Years ago today June 7, 2017: I met my barefooted friend for the 3rd time in the river valley today while out hiking the trails. His beard has grown twice as long since the last time we met which was early last fall I think. He was clearing away some shrubs the city had cut and left behind so the tall grass underneath could get some air and light. We talked for awhile... probably over an hour - his mind is sharp as a whip as he remembered me well - like two old friends. I still don't know his name but we call each other friend. We both love the river valley and the nature that surrounds us. This is a drawing from memory of my friend first time we met early 2014. Bare footed then he was just staring at the sun setting when we first met along the banks of the North Saskatchewan.

His name I learned is Joe, I call him River Valley Joe.

Front: River Valley Joe, ANARCHY 2017, 2019

Back: Be like the buffalo, Deja vu, 2020-05-27

'Ere on the side of caution when you're dealing with the future unknown.'
"Be like the buffalo"- Jason Kenney 2020-06-01

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