Saturday, 25 July 2020

Edmonton 311 Call, My Several Attempts to Address this Hazard Fails

2019-07-25 Returning back the next day to the scene in my neighbourhood where a man was found dead by EMS, I found evidence that suggests the man's right hand may have been tied to wire attached to an open City utility box. Thus why the firefighter was seen using wire cutters to free the man's hand. The photo shows an electrical part with a red wire freshly snipped found under where the man's body was found. There was no news coverage of the man's death... John Doe This prompts questions like why did police leave this snipped wire evidence behind, was this a crime scene or a suicide - and if a suicide how did this guy tie himself up using live wire... that is if the utility box was alive? Lots of questions...
2020-07-25: I have notified the City of Edmonton several times over the year asking them to address these exposed live wires but have failed. Today this uncovered electrical box remains open. 

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